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Peloton Grand Tours

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Peloton Grand Tours is a subsidiary of Turramurra Cyclery and where we take you places you'd rather be. We live and breathe cycling, partly because we believe in having fun and living a healthy lifestyle, but also because we have created an experience where like minded people can build new friendships and support each other in their fitness endeavors, no matter how big or small. Its not just about the bike, its about the bike and the rider and the friendships and food and the rides and the cultural experiences.

Our cycling trips have been created for our friends and their friends alike. From 3 day tours to get away from the city for a weekend, to weeks away in locations around the world, riding in the footsteps of our cycling heroes. Peloton Grand Tours can take you on first class trips with friends that are not only about the bike.


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Our Story

Our unique cycling tours all began some years ago… Mark, our founder, was simply after a new riding experience in a different country. He began traveling yearly, mostly to Italy, with a couple of friends to be able to ride their bikes on spectacular roads. With an appreciation for good food and good wine, it was an opportunity to travel by bike whilst being able to appreciate the land, culture and history of a particular area. Over the years Mark’s tours grew from just a few friends into a group of keen riders interested in experiencing these wonderful travels.

Fourteen years on, it’s still these same elements that make our tours so good. That is, a group of people who enjoy riding their bikes with friends in magical locations, staying in fine hotels, dining on fresh regional produce, drinking local wines with an appreciation for history and the culture. We do as the locals do, and enjoy experiences, the tradition and personality of a different culture.